Purim is arguably one of the funnest Jewish holidays on the calendar. It is a celebration of the Jewish people triumphing over an evil plot of execution, as well as Jewish heritage. Many Jewish people celebrate Purim by having a big party and dressing up in costumes like the ones below!

YNet | Motti Kimchi

The Times of Israel | Dorit Wagner

But it wouldn’t be Purim without Hamantaschen! These three-pointed cookies are said to resemble the evil Haman’s hat, and throughout the world, Jewish people eat these cookies every Purim in celebration. They come in many different flavors, savory and sweet, though poppyseed, apricot and prune are the traditional flavors. We love Hamantaschen so much, we make them year-round at Three Brothers Bakery! Why not order a few and try them out?

If we’ve sparked your curiosity about Purim, don’t hesitate to read more about this fun Jewish holiday here.