We had so many wonderful entries to our Random Acts of Kindness Day Facebook competition. Thank you so much to everyone who entered, like and shared our contest. Below are some of our favorite entries.


My boss, Cindy. She is like a second mother to me. She works around the clock to ensure children are loved and taken care of. She gives everything she has to make sure her employees are happy and healthy, even going through her own medical problems. She is tough, she is a fighter, and she would give you her last dollar if it meant her going without food. She amazes me everyday and the kindness in her heart is unlike any other. Miss Cindy is the sweetest and most generous soul I have ever met.– Genna


Let me tell you about my sweet friend Jennifer! She is a wonderful friend, mother and wife. She has two amazing sons, and a loving and hard-working hubby. The younger of the two boys is just shy of 5 months and has been giving her a hard time with his sleep schedule. Jen is a complete sweetheart and a total cupcake fanatic! My loving, and currently exhausted friend, deserves some sweetness in her day! Thanks for reading!— Bailey


I have someone who deserve a tasty treat! My husband is the sweeties, strong, and powerful husband!! He has been my support for 13 years! He is the world for me and my daughter! He makes us laugh, and make us happy! He is always thinking of me and my daughter., he is always taking care of us. He deserve a cupcake or two!— Cynthia


my husband is deserving because he volunteers his time, energy and his own funds to help hundreds of animals. He delivers Meals on Wheels to less fortunate people, and food for pets of people who can’t afford it, but who love their pets. He has trapped over 150 cats to be spayed, neutered and released. Some were too sick for the surgery, so he had them vetted, fostered and medicated them until they had restored health, and if they became socialized, were put up for adoption through various means. My husband, with friends, has cleaned up properties in the area where he delivers meals, provided igloo dog houses, dog kennels, and other improvements ALL at his expense. He feeds about 40 feral cats in the same area, and they all know him and his car. His contributions have no end, including paying to havie dogs spayed or neutered through our vet at our cost, because the owners cannot afford it. We also help foster, or find fosters for some of those dogs.— Debbie


Thank you so much to everyone who shared the sweetest people in your life with us. Even if you did not win, we would recommend sending the kindest person in your life a treat or two from Three Brothers Bakery. Be sure to like us on Facebook because you never know when we will be hosting another contest!