When you think spring, what comes to mind? Warmer weather? The spring holidays like Passover, Easter, and St. Patrick’s Day? The world turning green again? Allergies?

At Three Brothers Bakery, we love Spring! So, we thought we’d give some sweet suggestions to try for Spring 2020!

Strawberry Cake

Our 8” Strawberry Creme Cake is a scrumptious option for those with a lighter palate. Our Strawberry cake is filled with strawberry filling, iced in an ombre of strawberry and white buttercream, and decorated with buttercream rosettes. Order one today.

Butterfly Dip Dec

Our Dip Dec Butterflies are a hit among little ones (and their parents). But this cookie is tasty to all ages: we take a sugar or gingerbread cookie, dip it in white chocolate, swirl it with buttercream, and decorate in a variety of colors. We keep these in our showcase daily, but you can order them here online for pickup.

Lemon Squares

Nothing says Spring quite like something sweet and tart in the same bite! Our Lemon Squares are layered yellow cake, then filled with lemon filling. If you’ve yet to try one, why not order a few? Order here.

Step into any of our three stores for even more Spring-y sweets! Do you have any Spring favorites?