By now, you all know much about how Bobby grew up baking at his father’s side. Starting when he was just 8, Bobby was “at the table” in the production area with his dad, Sigmund, and uncles, the “three brothers.” They would joke and laugh with him, all the while teaching him the art of bread making. Now, years later, Sigmund and Bobby are still side-by-side.

Bobby has gone from that playful and curious child, to co-owner and master baker. Sigmund taught him not only how to be a baker, but also how important hard work is. The original brothers, Sigmund, Sol and Max, worked through the holidays to make sure their customers had everything they needed. This instilled in Bobby a strong work ethic.

Because of this, Bobby has had the opportunity to share so many great accomplishments with his father, with several occurring in 2014 alone. Early this year, we opened our third location on Washington Avenue. A different feel than the Braeswood location that Sigmund opened, but one with the same amount of care (and sweet treats) put into it.

Another significant moment in Three Brothers Bakery history occurred on May 8th 2014. May 8th is an important day to the Jucker family, because on that same day in 1945 Sigmund, Sol, Max and their older sister, Jeannie were liberated from Nazi Germany. But this year, May 8th became Citywide Three Brother Bakery Day in Houston and was our 65th anniversary of business in Houston, what was yet another milestone for Bobby and Sigmund to share together.

Bobby has been working to continue the legacy of Three Brothers Bakery by providing delicious treats to Houston. Started by Sigmund and his brothers and continued by Bobby, Three Brothers Bakery has become an award-winning, beloved Houston staple. This is a sweet father and son story we never get tired of hearing

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If you still haven’t gotten dad a present, swing by for a cupcake or a few cookies!