Every once in a while, we become a part of some truly sweet memories and cannot help but share them. This is one such time.

Back in February, a fourth-grader named Madilyn in California, MO, wrote us a letter. She was tasked to find a successful business in the United States and write a thank you and congratulations letter to them. Madilyn wrote to Three Brothers Bakery because she had heard about our bakery’s background in the Holocaust and found our story incredible.

Here’s her original letter:

Madilyn's letter to Three Brothers Bakery

After receiving the touching letter, we did a little research and found Madilyn’s elementary school. To pay her kindness forward, Bobby sent a nice letter back … along with a package full of gingerbread men for her entire class!

Bobby's note back to Madilyn

Below are some pictures of Madilyn and her class with the gingerbread men, along with the thank you notes they sent back to us. What a wonderful reminder of the powers that the wonder of a child and a hand-written note can have!

Madilyn and the gingerbread men from Three Brothers Bakery

A note from Madilyn's teacher