We hate to bring it up, but it’s almost time for school to start back. We know you all love having the little ones home and doing all sorts of fun things with them, however soon they will be back in school and we want to help make that transition a little sweeter. We’ve got some great ideas for cute lunchbox meals over on Pinterest, but first check out these sweet ideas!

A Sweet Start

Teachers have a tough job, so help set the tone for the year now. We have plenty of treats to sweeten the first day of school. Maybe a few cookies or hamantaschen or a cupcake will get the year going in the right direction for them.

This cupcake is just the thing to brighten a teacher's day!

Lunchbox Love

Pack something special for your child’s first day. A note in their lunchbox can brighten a rough day. If your child has a favorite food, or dessert, maybe surprise them with it for an after lunch treat. Use something a little different for their sandwich. Use challah instead of plain white or wheat bread. Anything to help make that first day a little easier is a good idea.

Challah is a nice way to change up the normal sandwich.

A Yummy Year

Keep going! Just because school is in swing doesn’t mean you can’t keep doing sweet things. Find creative ways to make their normal lunch fun. We like this post about cutting sandwiches into cute shapes. Whether it’s a little note or a little dessert, take the time to let them know you’re thinking of them and hope they have a special day.

We agree!

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