The holiday of Labor Day has its roots in large-scale labor union movements during the late 1800s, when trade unions pushed for a federal holiday to be established to celebrate the various blue collar laboring classes. One of the first Labor Day celebrations was held as a parade in New York City, a tradition which spread throughout the nation.  Soon, it became common for large picnics to be held after the parades as well, setting the stage for our modern Labor Day celebrations.  Today, Labor Day is regarded as the last hurrah of summer before the busy fall season begins, with children going back to school and the beginning of the holiday season.  

This year, Labor Day comes close to Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  For us, this is a time of contemplation and reflection on ourselves and our behavior over the past year.  It is a chance to right any regrets and to dedicate ourselves to achieving new goals in the coming year.  Here at Three Brothers, we are taking this opportunity to better the experiences of our customers and employees alike, so that we may continue to truly embody our values as Memory Makers who Happen to be Bakers.  

So, as you enjoy your last barbecue of the summer before the school year begins, be sure to take a moment to appreciate all the laborers, past and present, whose contributions to the world made this celebration possible.  From the grocery store stockers and cashiers, to the grill manufacturers, to the construction workers who built your home, it was hard work and consistent effort that made any of this possible.

If you do happen to fall into this blue collar category of labor, especially if you also work for us, we at Three Brothers say Thank You.  Thank you for your hard work that pushes the world along.  If the recent labor strikes and shortages have demonstrated anything, it is just how much our society relies on your work to function normally.  Relax, and enjoy your time off today.  You’ve earned it.

Three Brothers Bakery, Houston, TX

Written by Jaece Rogers