Hey guys!

Now that I’ve given you a perspective of what it means to work at Three Brothers Bakery, let’s talk about some of our wonderful customers and their experiences here. All of our three locations have a guest book available, for our customers to jot down a little something that describes what Three Brothers means to them. This post will include a few of those excerpts from the guest book at the Braeswood location; to let you know what it’s like to be a customer here.

First off, I would like to thank all of you who have signed the guest book for taking the time to share your memories with us; and allowing us to improve and be the best bakery we can be through your encouragement and kind words.

Now let’s begin!

“My parents were married July, 1950 and 3 Bros baked the cake! Once when I asked my mother why she never baked (like other moms did) she said “why… 3 brothers is around the corner!”” –Martha R.

“I grew up hearing about how my parents used to come to 3 Brothers when they lived in Houston and were in their 20s. Now, I live here and come often- and you guys are making my wedding cake! Can’t wait to bring my kids here!” –Stacy S.

“3 brothers is the absolute BEST bakery! Every birthday party, baby shower, or treat day, we are sure to order from 3 bros! Thank you!” –Hayden

Baby Shower Elephant Tier Cake

“My mom Elsa B. was from Germany and was so excited to discover 3 brothers bakery back in 1965. She found a piece of home. Our family and small German community have been coming ever since. My mom died in 2002 but I still come for bread for my family and all the German ladies. My mother was friends with the brothers and when she was in Houston and running late, she would come to the back door of the bakery and they would let her in. Not only did she get her order, she also got a wonderful visit with the brothers!” –Sincerely, Becky F.

Assorted Bread from Three Brothers Bakery

“The generations continue- My grandmother was a great cook, but all her bread came from 3BB. I always loved eating rye bread and Breakstone butter at her house. My parents also only purchased all sweets and breads at 3BB. I have continued with the love of your products and now when I travel to Costa Rica, my bags are filled with your delicious GINGERBREAD MEN, onion rolls, etc. Thank you for being a family staple in our 4 generations.” – Shaion G.

Now, as you can see our customers are very dedicated to supporting the staff here, with these kind notes. So, please feel free to sign the guest book the next time you visit any of our three locations; or leave a review online to help us continue to make your visits at Three Brothers Bakery nothing less than perfect.

– Elaine