We’ve already detailed our Corporate Gift program, but allow us to share why our pies are set apart. Of course, we say our pies are incredibly delicious and scratch-made in Houston, Texas, but don’t take our word for it.. The awards and accolades really tell the story.  Here are just some (not all) of our pie accolades:

Country Living  – Best mail order pecan pie America has to offer

Town & Country Magazine – “…desserts from the country’s best purveyors”

Bon Appetit

Key Lime Pie – winner of the 2017 National Pie Championship in its category (IN FLORIDA)

Pumpecapple Pie Cake – Hottest holiday dessert in America and has been featured on Food Network, Travel Channel, syndicated news, and The Cooking Channel

Houstonia – Top 10 pies in the Bayou City

Daily Meal – a top pie shop in America

Spoon University – a top pie shop in America



Our creamy Pumpkin Pie is a classic dessert for any Thanksgiving table. Our Pumpkin Pie contains smooth pumpkin puree and a mix of autumnal spices. These pies go great with any type of Thanksgiving meal! Sneak a piece before dinner, or save it for dessert with a cup of coffee, either way our Pumpkin Pie is a treat you can’t miss this holiday season!

Pumpkin Pie

Our Apple Pie is a year-round favorite! We make our delicious apple filling mixture and hand-pour it into the pie crust. Then, we roll out dough and cut strips for the lattice. It’s so fun to watch our staff braid the lattice work onto the pie! We sprinkle with sugar, and bake to perfection! Eat it with ice cream or by itself–the tart apples and sugared lattice-work will satisfy any sweet tooth!

Apple Pie

Like our Apple Pie, our Cherry Pie is made year-round for a reason! Our cherries are mixed together into a sweetly tart filling, and poured into a pie crust. We roll out dough for the lattice, and our staff braids it on top of the pie! We cover it in sugar crystals and bake until golden! Why not try a yummy fruit pie this year?

Cherry Pie

Once we won the National Pie Championship for Key Lime Pie in 2017, we learned how many people love Key Lime Pie – even during the holidays.  So if you’re looking for something different for your holiday table, you might want to give our Key Lime Pie some consideration.

And of course, how could we write about our pies without mentioning our award winning pecan pie and fudge pecan pie.  These are our top selling pies and are GREAT for gifting, whether you deliver or we ship it. Looking for client gifts – visit our Corporate Gifting page for ideas and call us for volume discounts.  If you want wooden boxes made in Houston, Texas, and customized with your logo and/or message, we’re the place for you. We can even include your personalized cards in the box (and match them up to the correct shipping label – no extra charge for thinking).  They ship great, and we fill up FedEx trucks with them every year. Country Living has given it a top accolade every time they do their pie tastings.

Chocolate Pecan Pie and Pecan Pie


Wooden Boxes

Whatever your preference this Thanksgiving, don’t slouch on providing the best desserts for your clients, family, and friends! It is our pleasure to take the stress off your shoulders and provide a memorable gift for your customers and loved ones. Check out our Corporate Gift options here, or shoot us an email at orders@3brothersbakery.com. We will work with you to create sweet memories that are made to impress!