Yom Ha’Shoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, is a time for reflection, reverence and commemoration. Yom Ha’Shoah marks the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and is particularly close to our hearts here at Three Brothers Bakery. As most of you know, the Jucker family founded Three Brothers Bakery after enduring unimaginable horrors during WWII.

Sol Oskar and Someone Else with Yellow Stars
During the War Jewish People Had to Wear Yellow Stars on their Garments as an Identifier

We opened our doors on May 8th, 1949; exactly four years after the three Jucker brothers were liberated from Waldenburg concentration camp in WWII. Prior to Waldenburg, Sigmund Jucker, the last living brother who recently celebrated his 93rd birthday, was also placed in Sosnowitz, Lipowa, Czestowa, Klobuck, Annaberg and Klagenfurt.

1960 Era Photo of Three Brothers Bakery
1960 Era Photo of Three Brothers Bakery (there are no pictures from 1949-1959)

We invite you to join us in reverence this April 15th for Yom Ha’Shoah at any of our bakery locations, and encourage you to visit the Holocaust Museum Houston to reflect on the events of the Holocaust and all that was lost during this time. For the entire week of Yom Ha’Shoah, April 13-19th, 10% of the sales of our rye bread will go to support the Holocaust Museum Houston. Houston will also be honoring Yom Ha’Shoah with a citywide service on April 19th.

Jucker family pre WWII
Berta and Morris Jucker with children Janie, Sigmund, Sol and Max. This photo of the Jucker family is the last remaining of the family before being send to Nazi concentration camps.

We’d like to say a special thank you to Good Morning America for recognizing the important of sharing stories like Sigmund’s. We’d be honored if you read his story on the GMA website and shared it with others, in order to make sure we never forget.

To learn more about Sigmund’s story, visit this page: Celebrating Freedom with Sigmund.