There’s nothing quite like the holidays! Festive music is played for weeks on-end, candles and lights decorate houses and windows, and we give ourselves permission to eat and eat and eat. But there is one holiday tradition that in particular brings a smile to almost every face: Gingerbread Houses.

The use of ginger in food goes back to ancient times, where it was primarily used for medicinal purposes. However, the instance of decorating gingerbread cookies seems not to have become popular until medieval times. Queen Elizabeth I is credited as the inventor of the first gingerbread man!

Have you heard the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel? The Brothers Grimm story was incredibly popular in Germany, which quickly became known as one of the centers of creative gingerbread house creations!

At Three Brothers Bakery, you can always tell when we start making gingerbread houses–ginger can be smelled through the whole bakery! Our decorators work so hard on detailing these traditional Christmas treats, and we make a variety of different kinds. We even get several orders each year that want gingerbread house replicas (those are some of the funnest ones to do)!


We also offer kits for you to do at home with your children or loved ones! We make the gingerbread, pack up the icing, and let you do the rest. Why get a department store-kit when ours is edibly delicious? Make some sweet memories this year and order a gingerbread kit!

Whichever way you like to spend this holiday, we hope you have a happy one with the people you love the most.

PS: Don’t forget Gingy!