The season of miracles is getting closer – Passover is April 8th-16th this year! Look below for some of our meaningful Passover products. Pre-orders available now!

Matza is the centerpiece of any Seder table. It represents the hard years of slavery of the Israelites in Egypt, as well as the freedom that they received upon leaving Egyptian bondage. Throughout the Seder meal, matza is eaten in remembrance. Every Passover, Bobby makes our matza by hand. Order this symbol of Passover for your Seder here.

Sponge cake and Passover are almost synonymous. Our Concord Sponge Cake is layered chocolate sponge cake, layered with chocolate non-dairy buttercream, and topped with crunchy chocolate meringue pieces. It will make for a sweet ending at your Passover meal – try one this season!

Almond Cookies are only made once a year, especially for Passover. We mix delicious almond dough, and then bake until crispy and golden. They’re only available for a limited time – so make sure to get in your pre-orders before Passover begins!

We are still open for carry out orders! Call our store or order online for pickup, delivery, and shipping!