There are times when a simple ‘thank you’ to a client is enough. Yet, there are others when there is a need to express that gratitude on a grander scale-through a gift. Corporate gift giving is as timeless as it is important. It is a present bestowed from one company or organization to another. It is a means of showing appreciation for the efforts made by the recipient to the company. At 3 Brothers Bakery, Houston’s #1 Bakery, we understand the value of corporate gift giving. It is for that reason we offer a wide selection of baked goods and sweets to communicate your gratitude. But before you jump online or pick up the phone to order, review these simple steps to ensure you’re saying thank you in the right way.

Start Early

In the case of corporate gift giving, the earlier the better is really true. If you want to send a gift to a client for Thanksgiving or Christmas, please note that we start planning our corporate gift giving schedules in mid-to-late August. Advanced notice for this type of present is critical to ensure it is created to your satisfaction and delivered on time. At 3 Brothers Bakery, we suggest once you decide to send a corporate gift that you contact us immediately.

For instance, our homemade chocolate pecan or deep-dish pies can be ordered a few days ahead of delivery. However, if you want to ship this pie in one of our custom wooden boxes, that will require at least two months advanced notice. Similarly, with our regular shipping boxes used for our array of homemade pies, these require 3 weeks to a month’s advance notice as well.

Type of Gift

Cookie buttons, coffee beans, pies, pastries, or cakes, with almost 70 years of experience in the industry, you can imagine we have gifted almost every type of baked good imaginable. Yet to the uninitiated the choices available for edible ‘thank yous’, can be intimidating. That’s why we’re here to help. We encourage all of our customers to call us and arrange a consultation to discuss your options. Our experience and knowledge will help you translate your vision and message into a sweet reality.

Know your Client

**As of May 8, 2019, none of our locations are certified Kosher.**

Does your client keep kosher or do they have allergies? These are the finer details that are crucial when ordering a corporate gift through 3 Brothers Bakery. As the premier kosher bakery in Houston, our specialty is creating mouth-watering baked goods while adhering to these traditional Jewish laws. Take the time to learn what your client can and cannot eat. There is nothing worse than delivering a pecan pie to a client only to learn they’re allergic to all tree nuts.

Knowing your client also means ensuring you have the correct delivery address for the gift and who is the intended recipient. Often the address of their business isn’t necessarily the location of their personal office. Take the time to verify these details including how many people will be enjoying this gift. If you’re having a pastry tray created for five people and it is delivered to an office of over 40 staff, the gesture might be misconstrued.  

A Personal Thank You

The request for a corporate gift from 3 Brothers Bakery is a responsibility that we not only take seriously but personally. All of our baked items, including their packaging and hand-written cards, are done with a personal touch. We take the time to understand the intended gesture the gift giver is trying to convey and take tremendous care in ensuring it is delivered and received. Therefore the next time you decide a corporate gift is the right token of appreciation look no further than 3 Brothers Bakery, the sweetest way to say thank you!