The ice cream, pool-filled days of summer are drawing to an end, and school is starting back very soon! While you’re shopping for new pencils and backpacks, we have one school necessity that you should start considering: What is going to be packed for school lunch?

Always a lunch staple, you could go the traditional route with sandwiches–but what kind of bread should you use?

White Pullman Loaf

Toast, anyone?

Wheat Pullman Loaf

We make both wheat and white bread in loaves (they’re available to be sliced in-store). Whatever your grain preference, we’ve got you covered for PB&J’s!

Six Grain

Or perhaps you love the texture of multigrain bread! We make a delicious Six Grain loaf, filled with flax, sesame, millet, and oats.

Do you love pasta? Prepare some leftover pasta and enjoy with a slice from our French Baguette. These can also be brushed with olive oil and warmed in the oven for a toasty, crunchy, afternoon nosh!

We’ve talked lunches, but what about after-school snacks?

Black & White Cookie

You can never go wrong with a Black & White. They’re a classic New York cookie that’s iced down the middle–chocolate on one side, royal icing on the other. They are generous in size, and sure to keep your kiddos tide over until dinnertime!

Cake Balls – 12 pack

Or you could go for a shareable bite-size treat for the entire family! We offer an assortment of our delicious, chocolate and white-chocolate dipped Cake Balls! They come in packs of 12, and the flavors are your choice! We highly suggest trying each one!


We’ve got cupcakes for every kind of day! Whether you need a pick-me-up after a long day at the office, or you want to treat your kids to something special, our wide and delicious cupcake selection won’t disappoint!

The return to school can mean a rush of uniforms, new supplies, and re-training yourself (and your kids) to wake up with the sun. Three Brothers Bakery can get you through lunch, and celebrate the end of every new school day! Make us a part of your back to school schedule!