We’ve gotten a few awards over the years. Well, maybe more than a few. But each one is special to us for different reasons, from the ones fans vote on all the way to industry professionals who notice our little bakery for something great. Recently we were chosen by one of those industry professionals for a wonderful honor.

We’re happy to announce that Three Brothers Bakery was chosen Retail Bakery of the Year by Modern Baking magazine! This award is a huge honor for us, and we were thrilled to be in the running with so many great bakeries.  It means a great deal for our hard word to be noticed by one of the most influential trade magazines in our business.

We were thrilled to be chosen as the Retail Bakery of the Year.

Three Brothers Bakery was chosen as Retail Bakery of the Year for a number of reasons, according to Modern Baking. They cite our successful family history and dedication to the craft of baking as one of the deciding factors in the competition, saying,  “Keeping any small business in the family is a huge challenge, and to see it done so successfully with the fifth generation now at the helm is an inspiration to so many in our industry.”

Modern Baking went on to comment on our resilience to circumstances beyond our control. As many of you know we’ve had some difficulties caused by multiple hurricanes, and despite closures, both temporary and some permanent, we have stayed resilient. A representative from the magazine had this to say, “Throughout these difficult times, the bakery demonstrated a dedication to staff by ensuring they were paid in the nine months the bakery was closed after Hurricane Ike, as well as turning these disasters into opportunities by envisioning and implementing an entirely new- and very ambitious- growth plan for the business.”

Other deciding factors were our dedication to effective marketing, investing in the business and our involvement in the community. We are so honored to receive such a prestigious award. It truly is a great way to be recognized by our peers and fellow baking professionals.

We appreciate Modern Baking magazine and hate to see it go.

Another reason this award means so much to us is because it is the last one. Unfortunately Modern Baking has been forced to close its doors and this honor is the final award for the magazine. We value the time and effort this magazine put into making our profession better.

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