Hello again,

Now that you know a little bit about me and how I got here, I wanted to talk about some of the wonderful things that make Three Brothers Bakery so unique. This job has really impacted my life; I never thought I would grow so much as a person by working here. When I applied to work here about four years ago I had NO IDEA the amount of loyalty our customers have to us. Most of our customers have been coming here for generations and our bread and baked goods have become an essential part of their holidays, birthdays, and special occasions.

Our goodies have become a tradition, rather than a moment to indulge yourself with sweets (although, if you are looking for that this is the place to go). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say that their family has been coming to the Braeswood location since it opened, or that they themselves have been coming here since before I was even born!(I’m 21). Every weekend I meet at least one person who has flown in, or driven here to visit family and they tell me, “We just couldn’t leave without coming here! We miss it so much!” But, they don’t just miss it for the food. They miss it for the memories. They were brought here by their parents, who were brought here by their grandparents, and the list goes on. That’s the most amazing and rewarding part of the job here. We aren’t just selling people challah bread or pecan pies for the holiday, we are a part of what makes these holidays complete. So, in a way we are selling them moments with their family that they will enjoy and remember for years to come; I guess you could say we sell memories.

If you would like to see first-hand how much our customers mean to us, please check out this heartwarming commercial from Bank of America. I can’t think of a better way to display the amazing relationship we share with our customers.

The tradition here also makes the holidays feel warmer. Working during the holiday season is really hectic and pretty nerve racking; however, it’s the things listed above that make the long hours and hard work worth it. People who move out of state still order pies to be shipped to them for thanksgiving and Christmas, because it just wouldn’t be Christmas without Three Brothers. Whenever I stay late during the holiday season wrapping and boxing up pies, that thought is what keeps me going, because we have an obligation to these families. That’s the reason our slogan is we’re “memory makers who happen to be bakers.” That’s exactly what we do. It’s not just the holidays or special occasions either. We have regulars who come in to get their breakfast every weekend or a gingerbread man, because it’s become a tradition to them. It’s a really special feeling to know that you are a part of what makes their week, holiday, birthday, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, baby shower, Shabbat, or pretty much anything else you can think of unique.


– Elaine