Love is in the air, or maybe it’s the sugar from all the Valentine’s Day treats we’re making at Three Brothers Bakery! This special time of year has arrived again when everyone needs to get a sweet something for the special person in their life to show their love. I keep hoping someone will get engaged at the bakery again like one couple did in 2014.

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Believe it or not, I had never witnessed a proposal until just a few years ago when I saw two within a six-month span. Shortly after that moment in the bakery, I went to dinner with my 59-year-old cousin who had never married. Her boyfriend at the time asked me to videotape when the restaurant brought out the cake, and little did I know – he was going to pop the question! I would share the video, but it’s mostly just me shrieking excitedly!

I thought my own proposal would happen during a romantic trip Bobby and I took to Belize, but sure enough, it didn’t happen there. We came home and stood in his kitchen, which Bobby was remodeling, and he asked, “Will you be my partner?” I thought, “What does that mean?” What would you have thought it meant?

Well, sure enough, I ended up being his partner – in life and in business!

Thanks to Billy Mitchell Photography for taking our wedding photos and capturing the pure joy of me seeing the cake for the first time – the only thing I knew was the flavor.

But some people might not need to ask such an important question this holiday. Maybe you just want to show your love and affection in a slightly more extravagant way, in which case we have just the treats for you. And if you’re getting over heartbreak or celebrating Singles Awareness Day, we also have you covered with our Anti-Valentine’s treats!

 Anti-Valentine's Day Treats

Have a sweet Valentine’s Day!