I am reposting from my past blog. Interestingly this post is really still valid for today. I posted this in 2009 and it applies at the beginning of 2011. Happy New Year!

Always the best part of the Retail Bakers convention is the seminars and decorating sessions. Ron Ben-Israel from NYC, gave a short educational seminar about working with lace and some of the trends. This man has such talent and a great sense of humor. Ron taught us how to take a sample of the actual lace used on a wedding dress and put it on the cake in fondant.

Ron Ben-Israel at RBA 2009 convention with lace and textured cake

Ron said in NYC he is continuing to see the trend toward black and white and contemporary. In regards to flowers he’s producing creations with spirals of sugar flowers, as well. Fondant swags are out, but if you like them, then I say get them.

Spiral of sugar flowers on 4 tier wedding cake with scrollwork by Three Brothers Bakery

I’m not sure I can describe what I see when I look at a montage of his creations, but his lines and cakes are so clean and beautiful. He has a special touch, and his designs will be classics forever. Robert took his class in early 2010.

Norman Davis, another cake designer, said he’s seeing a trend toward no toppers, but just a big bold flower on a lower tier. This concept reminds me of the way Michelle Obama dresses, with a big flower pin and perhaps the center could be a broach of some sort.

Also, the antique cake toppers are a trend. We used my parents topper, which was about 50 years old and ironically was purchased at 3 Brothers Bakery. They are beautiful and meaningful, but make sure it comes from someone whose marriage lasted. ☺

Our 1997 wedding cake with my parent’s 1954 cake topper purchased at Three Brother’s Bakery . Who knew I would marry into the family? Billy Mitchell Photography

Cakes will always be taking elements of the dress – this year it is lace and ruffles. Julie Bashore told us that texture and varied sizes of layers are here.

Julie Bashore Textured Cake

Ashley Vicos, from the Ultimate Cake Challenge, was also demonstrating her skills. She likes fun and bold. With her work we saw the glitter trend illustrated. Warning to all: some of these glitters can be consumed and some cannot, so be sure your baker only uses edible glitters if you plan to eat that portion of the cake!

Robert with Ashley

Painted cakes are a trend for 2010 and 2011. Something we have been doing for years. It takes true artistry to be able to paint on a cake, for it needs to be freehand to be done well. Cake is just another canvas for an artist.

Cake of Bride’s Tattoos by Three Brothers Bakery
Bride with her Tattoo Wedding Cake by Three Brothers Bakery

Now let’s talk about cupcakes – round is out! I frankly cannot see the point in serving messy cupcakes at a wedding, but if you do, go square. Really almost like a mini cake with a flower or embellishment or something.

Grooms’ cakes also now seem to be a trend moving from the south to the rest of the country (The south is finally setting a trend and not following). The Groom’s cake is illustrative of the Groom’s personality. Here is one we did New Years Eve 2010 – a lifelike, lifesize turkey!

Lifelike, Lifesize Turkey Cake by Three Brothers Bakery
Lifelike, Lifesize Turkey Cake by Three Brothers Bakery
Lifelike, Lifesize Turkey Cake by Three Brothers Bakery

I’m also not sure if this color is a trend, but I seem to be seeing gold fairly often and less silver. They say gold is out, but I’m not so sure.
Green is in still, as well as pink is making resurgence, and purple a little less seen now.

We hear people are moving toward buttercream again, but not one baker could confirm that trend at the Retail Bakery Association convention.

One more trend that will make its way to the south is designing your own cake stand. We have already done that for two of our brides this year. Renting the silver stand is out; have your baker make a stand to be a part of your cake design. To do so, you will have to order early and commit to your design with no changes.

Spanish tile wedding cake by Three Brothers Bakery to match tile used by groom for the cake stand he made

No matter what the trend of the moment, the two most important qualities of the cake should be to taste good and a design you love. Wedding cakes symbolize the first sweetness of a long, sweet happy marriage!



Lavender wedding cake
Cake Trends by Three Brothers Bakery Lavender wedding cake with white sugar flowers by Three Brothers Bakery