Where can I find earthy-hued wedding invitations? How do you feel about bright orange and pink table décor? Should we have only greenery for our centerpieces or pampas grass? Oooh….I want a dark purple wedding cake! Feeling a little overwhelmed about making wedding day decisions? You’re not alone. There are literally hundreds of choices to make. Whether you consult with your significant other on every option, or you do it on your own, it’s hard not to feel like you’re sinking in a sea of choice when planning a wedding. We can help. Yes, Three Brothers Bakery specializes in baked goods, including wedding cakes. But we also follow wedding trends; what’s popular for the upcoming wedding season. Read on and learn what many couples are choosing for their nuptials.

Kissing blue birds wedding cake

Color Choices

If you think this year’s color choices will be cream and burgundy or purple and grey, think again! Though those color pairs are not out of style they aren’t nearly as popular as some other ones.

First and foremost are the earthy colors. Those are colors reflective of a natural setting. They usually include beiges, browns, whites, creams and varying shades of green. These colors are usually chosen by a couple who are opting for a minimalist theme with their wedding.

Wedding cake trends 2019

Combining bright hues such as magenta and orange, or red and electric blue are popular for ceremonies this year. Couples that opt for this trend will choose the most vivid versions of a color they can find and pair them together. As an example, instead of choosing a burgundy, they’ll opt for a blood red color, something that guests will notice and will make a bold statement.

On the other end of the color spectrum are the moody dark hues that many couples are opting for. This includes aubergine (deep purple), cranberry red, navy blue, and grey. You will see these colors in table décor, bridesmaid dresses, invitations, and flowers.

And, of course, there will always be a place for the traditional/classic wedding cake.  Cakes made with ivory, creme and white.


Chalkboard grey, blood red, and even black are the wedding cake colors that are trending this season. With more couples wanting a cake that will stand out or be remembered by all the guests, the dark hued cakes are the way to go.

Wedding cake designs

Wedding desserts, other than cakes, have become increasingly widespread. Options include having a large selection of cupcakes available to guests, or an ice cream dessert bar. Other popular choices include offering a selection of various miniature sweets, sized for 2-3 bites, such as petit fours, eclairs, napoleons, cake balls, and miniature cake parfaits for each table served on decorative plates.


Copper, velvet, rattan, and grass are the materials frequently being used at ceremonies this year. We will see copper used in the table décor, throughout the ceremony (i.e. in lanterns or holding votive candles), even in the bride’s bouquet. The copper seen at weddings doesn’t even have to be the actual metal. These items can be an artificial version of it as well.

Decorated wedding Cake

What was once a material only seen with bridesmaids’ dresses, velvet is now being used as table linens, seat covers, and throughout the wedding venue décor. It is also being used year round as opposed to only in the winter.

Natural products such as rattan can be seen in guest seating and grasses such as pampas are being used to decorate tables, seating charts, and place settings.

Getting Married in 2019

Maybe you’ve already begun your wedding day countdown or perhaps you’re still in the planning stage? Whatever stage you’re in,we hope by featuring some of this season’s trends we’ve inspired and helped you narrow your choices. In the meantime, we look forward to helping you select your wedding cake or desserts at one of our Three Brothers Bakery locations. If you would like to meet with our wedding consultant, you can start here.  So, what are you waiting for? Get planning!