There are dessert bakeries that only serve sugary cake pops and cookies. There are cake shops that only serve, you guessed it-cakes. And then there are those at the top: specialty bakeries. These are the types of establishments that make everything from bread and bagels to pies, cookies and cakes, by hand every day. They’ve been in operation for decades, for example 70 years and their business continues to grow and flourish. They’re known throughout the neighborhoods they service by a few words, for example, 3 Brothers. Have we given you enough hints? Three Brothers Bakery is the quintessential specialty bakery in Houston. With hundreds of fresh sweets and breads made daily, we are the bakery of choice in this city. Read on to learn why.


**As of May 8, 2019, none of our locations are certified Kosher.**

We are Kosher throughout our Braeswood location, where most of the baking gets done. That means we observe all of the rules and requirements stipulated in the Torah. This is no easy feat in today’s modern bakery. But with a strong and proud Jewish heritage, we feel it is important to carry on many of the traditions that the three brothers: Sigmund, Sol, and Max, Jucker began with their parents and ancestors in Poland almost two centuries ago. If you keep Kosher or like Kosher foods for other reasons, you can enjoy all of our baked goods knowing they were prepared according to the sacred religious laws.  Looking for a Kosher braided challah or loaf of authentic Jewish Rye bread – look no further.  Plus we ship.

Made-to-Order Pies

Sure you can fight the crowds and lineups to pick up a pie for Thanksgiving at a big box grocery store. Or you can make a pie at home if you’ve got the time and the right ingredients. But if you’re as busy and pressed for time as we are, then either option is too time consuming. At Three Brothers Bakery our delicious pies such as a deep dish pecan, award winning pecan pie or chocolate fudge pecan pie or key lime pie can be ordered online. You can even decide if you want to pick it up in store or have it packaged in one of our wooden decorative boxes and delivered or shipped as a memorable gift. All of this can be done with the simple click of a mouse.  Ordering a chocolate mousse pie has never been so easy or sounded so tasty!

Custom Cakes

Whether you’re celebrating a gender reveal, baby shower,1st birthday, your son’s fifth birthday or your daughter’s bat mitzvah and eventually wedding, we can help you create the ultimate cake for the occasion. With over 70 years of baking experience, we offer a variety of cakes from sponge to pound and custom build-a-cakes. We offer personalized taste tests of different cake styles in addition to walking you through the cake planning process. No detail of your magnificent order will be overlooked by our experienced bakers and artisans.

Houston’s Specialty Bakery

Founded by three brothers who learned the principles of traditional baking from their ancestors coupled with unparalleled customer service, our bakery continues to grow and thrive as Houston’s quintessential specialty bakery. We are Three Brothers Bakery.