Birthdays, graduations, Bat or Bar Mitzvahs, or simply because it’s Friday, the list of occasions for custom cakes is endless. At 3 Brothers Bakery, as far as we’re concerned, every day is occasion enough for a custom cake. But if you’ve never ordered a cake specifically tailored to your unique needs, then the following will help make sure you choose the right cake for your occasion and allow you to enjoy the event to its fullest.

1. Custom Cake Information

Who, what, when, where and how? Before you pick up the phone and call us at 3 Brothers Bakery, we recommend you answer the following questions. The more information you can provide us, the more enjoyable the custom cake experience will be.

Who is the cake for?

If it is for a graduation or another major milestone make sure you have the guest of honor’s name spelled correctly and any other information you want to put on the cake (i.e. graduation date).

What is the occasion?

Perhaps you’re ordering a cake for your daughter’s sixth birthday. If that’s the case consider her likes and dislikes. Is she fascinated by unicorns? Or more interested in dragons and castles? For a six-year-old this is important information to have.

When do you need the cake?

Though we are expert cake makers, at 3 Brothers Bakery we need a little bit of advanced notice to create your custom masterpiece. Even a smaller cake designed for only a few people takes time to plan, bake and decorate. We recommend you call us as soon as you know you want a custom cake and we can work with you from there.

Where is this cake going to be served? 

Part of living in Houston means we’re always trying to find the most efficient ways to keep our cakes from melting in the city’s famous sweltering heat. Perhaps, your event will require that the cake sit outside for several hours? Or you’ll have access to refrigeration before the cake is served. These are important details that we need to know in advance of baking the cake.


How many people are you expecting at your event?

Is this a large celebration, such as a Bat Mitzvah for your niece?  Or is it a more intimate celebration, perhaps a golden wedding anniversary? Knowing how many people you’re expecting at your event will greatly affect the size and price of your cake.

2. Custom Cake Style

Naked, Homestyle, iced, or plain, the choices of custom cakes can often be overwhelming for the uninitiated. If you envision a multi-tiered raspberry angel food cake then we suggest you convey that to us at the beginning. Similarly to fashion, trends in cake design come and go. What is popular one year may be just the opposite the next. If you have a picture of a cake style or design that you’d like recreated email it to us or bring it in and we’ll see what we can do. Remember to always consider the occasion and your guests when selecting a style for your customized masterpiece. If you’re celebrating your son’s Bar Mitzvah and he has an allergy to nuts then communicate that with us from the start so that we can take the necessary precautionary measures.

3. Custom Cake Budget

The price range for a custom cake is as wide-ranging as the choice of styles. Be realistic about how much you’re willing to spend on your customized cake. Shop around to get an idea of what the general price would be for a cake of your size, style and design. Ask your cake vendor what they would consider the regular size of a slice of cake. If their size is much larger than you would cut, you may be able to save money by ordering a smaller cake. In the event the type of cake you want is out of your price range, consult with us and we can offer suggestions and modifications that could reduce the cost. Do you really need that second tier of cake? Or could you skip the handmade tulips in icing? These are all questions, at 3 Brothers Bakery that we can help you answer.

4. Communi-cake

To some it might simply be a cake, but to us at 3 Brothers Bakery, it is a labor of love. A customized cake is a reflection of your vision for the person or occasion you are celebrating. Perhaps the greatest piece of advice when can give our customers is to be open and honest with us. Our goal is to help you realize the cake that you had envisioned from the start. Too many times, customers hesitate to ask questions or share their concerns. With almost 70 years of experience in the cake industry we’ve learned communication between ourselves and our customers is crucial in ensuring a successful outcome. We take tremendous pride in all of our edible creations. Now what are you waiting for? Order your customized cake today. Friday is just around the corner!