In honor of Texas Independence Day today (3/2), we thought we’d share some of our favorite Houston and Texan traditions!

Yeehaw, Rodeo is a Houstonian event that happens every year – and it starts tomorrow, March 3rd! The Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show is a celebration of Texas tradition–the impact of livestock showing and entertainment. It also awards scholarships to some of the brightest students in our great state. There are parades, concerts, BBQ eating contests, and so much more. Get in the Rodeo spirit with some of our western-themed treats.

Another Texas tradition is the official start of Bluebonnet season! Bluebonnets are Texas’ state flower, and they bloom every year (depending on the weather) from March until mid-April. You’ll catch Texans and visitors alike stopping along the roadside to take pictures of fields of these gorgeous blue flowers. Read more here on the best places to spot bluebonnets in Texas.

Did you know Whataburger is a Texas institution? Breakfast? Whataburger. Lunch and Dinner? Whataburger. Late night snack? Whataburger. Love for this Texas fast-food chain has even trickled into our bakery! We’ve made many Whataburger-themed cakes! Want your own? Submit a cake quote here.

Whatever you hold dear about Texas and Houston, we hope that you have a great month of celebrating some of the things that make this state and city so great. Want more Texas traditions? Read up on them here.