There are so many things that go in to preparing for the big day. You have to make decisions about colors, flowers, guest lists, not to mention the even bigger things like a venue, dress and of course, your wedding cake!  With all of these details running through your head, it is important to stay organized. Finding the perfect cake does not have to be a stressful experience. Here are a few tips to help with choosing your dream wedding cake:

  1. Don’t be afraid: There are no rules anymore when it comes to a wedding cake. Gone are the days of oval or square tiered white cakes with the two figurines at the top. Now you can let your style shine through your cake.  Get some inspiration by looking through our online Wedding Cake Gallery!

  1. Take your time: Don’t rush. Enjoy your experience and savor every moment. Take photographs to help remember this special occasion.
  2. Don’t forget the groom: Don’t forget the groom: The wedding cake is really the bride’s cake, but the gents don’t have to be left out. With the ever-growing trend of groom’s cakes, your hubby can have his own moment of dessert glory! These unique cakes are a great way to show off his favorite things and personality. From sports themes to various pets and hobbies, we’ve seen them all!

  1. Relax: Now that you’ve designed, tasted and decided, there is nothing for you to do but sit back, wait and let your dream cake come to you.

Now don’t forget, we are here to help! Refer to our blog series on all of your wedding cake how-to’s.  Contact us for an appointment here and let our wedding cake consultants help put those special touches on your big day.