Beautiful, Hand-Rolled Hannukah Candles by Celebration Company
Beautiful, Hand-Rolled Hannukah Candles by Celebration Company

Today, we want to salute the amazing people behind these gorgeous items- our very good friends (and really, extended members of the Three Brothers Bakery family) at Celebration Company.

Celebration Company is a unique employment program that provides Jewish adults with special needs an entry into the workplace. Celebration Company is a 501(c)3 organization and a part of the JFS Alexander Institute. These amazing people create beautiful Chanukah and Shabbat candles, artistic greeting cards as well as our signature pastry boxes and boards.

Additionally, take note when you buy baked goods from Three Brothers Bakery you are also supporting Celebration Company.  Take a look at your bakery boxes.  Most of our boxes are made and stickered by loving hands at Celebration Company.  Look for their sticker on the side of the box with the signature of the Celebration Company partner who made your very special box.

Three Brothers Bakery box made by Celebration Company Member

Not only do they work well as a team, but Celebration Company is a fun-loving brunch as well! The employees hold periodic Shabbat lunches and plan everything from the yummy menus to even the grocery shopping lunches. Family members are invited to partake in the the meals, and it’s all smiles all around.

We had so much fun meeting with the entire Celebration Company family and encourage everyone to continue to support this amazing program! To learn more about Celebration Company, visit their site here. While you are always welcome to purchase their amazing products at the Three Brothers Bakery store (grab one of our yummy treats while you’re at it!) you can always order online using their convenient shopping cart.

On behalf of the Three Brothers Bakery family, we’d like to thank everyone at Celebration Company for everything that they do. We love you!