Wow, what an interesting start to our 71st year at Braeswood! With the way our world is dealing with COVID-19, our plans this year will look a little different than usual!

We will be offering $0.71 cookies all day on Friday, May 8th at our Braeswood location! This cookie deal will apply to all of our cookies except for Dip Decs, Hamantaschen, and full size Gingerbread Men.

This year we are launching our Mitzvah Food funds. A mitzvah is a Good Deed in Hebrew.  The funds will give you the opportunity to put money towards our Mitzvah Food Funds which will feed those in need.  We created them because very generous people started sending us money and telling us to find a place that needed baked goods and use their money to pay for it.  So we created accounts for various charities and people feeding the homeless, hungry, first responders/medical workers, and those in need. The purpose of the funds is to keep our team employed while helping others, and we give back by treating these accounts as wholesale accounts, so they are getting discounts off of retail, meaning the dollars go farther.  

Checkout our mitzvah page to see who we are currently supporting.  And we want to give a shout out to the following who started our project:

  • Sandra Finch
  • Jon G
  • Wiley Hoag
  • Richard G
  • Naomi and Jim R
  • The Texas Restaurant Association Relief Fund gave us a grant, and we decided to put their money in the funds accounts, so we could give a little back, too.

For our anniversary we encourage everyone to give $7.10 in honor of our 71st anniversary.  Please note these are NOT tax deductible – it’s just a mitzvah! Give to a food fund here.

Unfortunately, we will not be serving birthday cake this year, to cut down on physical contact between customers and staff. We hope you will stop by, say hello, and celebrate with us anyway!

Thank you everyone for getting us to 71 years.  It is because of you, our loyal customers, that we are still here and with your help we will continue to be a part of the community.


Janice & Bobby and the families of Three Brothers Bakery