Did you know that the state tree of this glorious state of Texas is the pecan tree? The United States produces 80-90 percent of the world’s pecan supply with Texas and Georgia being the largest suppliers. The pecan tree can grow up to one hundred and fifty feet in height, just as the saying goes, “Everything is bigger in Texas.”

Three Brothers Bakery of Houston, has become the recent recipient of a very “sweet” award, to be called one of the five best mail order pies in America, winning in the category of pecan pies. It only makes sense that a pie using pecans from a state tree would win the hearts of the judges from Country Living Magazine.

Thanksgiving Pie from Three Brothers Bakery

You may be concerned that the pecan pie will not fit with your diet. Well did you know that the pecan is an antioxidant rich, heart healthy snack? It has 19 vitamins and minerals and even has fiber. However, when you combine them with Three Brothers’ recipe for the pecan pie, you get a dessert that’s main ingredient is something that is good for your heart and delicious too. Three Brothers is so devoted to their wonderful Texas pecan pie they have two different versions. They offer a traditional pecan pie as well as a chocolate pecan pie. Almost sinful either way.

Because we won this great accolade, rather than raise the price – we lowered it! We want everyone to try our special pecan pie, so the Three Brothers Bakery’s pecan pie is now available for $19.95, in a special Texas Made gift box and just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

Every year you struggle in the kitchen to feed all the little mouths(and the big ones too). Why not cut down that “to do list” by pre-ordering a Three Brothers Bakery award winning pecan pie? You can slim your list with another mouth-watering pie that Three Brothers has to offer – apple, cherry, pumpkin and more. Need dinner rolls or even a breakfast coffee cake? Your order does not just have to be one item, you can even order their amazing challahs and delectable rye breads. Sure saves a lot of time by going to one place for so many of your holiday needs. Employees are standing by, manning the phones, ready for your order because at Three Brothers Bakery you come first. Guaranteed.