Perhaps the two most common questions well-wishers ask when you announce you’re expecting a baby is when are you due and is it a boy or a girl? The due date is usually established when you, or your partner visit the doctor for that first appointment. But learning the sex of your baby is a very personal decision. Some want to be surprised on the delivery day. Others relish the chance to learn the gender of their baby in advance. Thereby allowing for time to plan and prepare. But there is a third option and it has become an almost exclusive American tradition. Since 2010, parties celebrating the impending arrival of a baby while revealing its gender to all invited guests have been a growing trend. How can we speak with such authority about this? Well, at 3 Brothers Bakery we’ve been creating upwards of 10 gender reveal cakes a week for the past few years and all indications are this type of celebration will only become increasingly popular.

The Neutral

“He or she, what will it be?” This is just one of the many expressions you’ll find iced onto the top of a traditional gender reveal cake. For the couple who truly want to be surprised, a gender neutral cake is the more traditional way to go. Typically, the expecting parents are given the results of the gender in a sealed envelope by the doctor. They then take these results and deliver them to us at 3 Brothers Bakery. We create a gender neutral cake that the couple has chosen in advance. Or we can decorate the outside of the cake featuring both masculine and feminine themes. The sex of the child is in the color of the cake’s sponge or filling, blue being for a boy and pink being for a girl. It isn’t until the soon-to-be parents cut the cake and learn, along with their guests the sex of their baby. Whether you choose a sheet cake, two-tiered or any other style, what remains the same is that it is gender neutral on the outside. This is a literal case of, it’s what’s inside that counts!

Bee Themed Gender Reveal Cake in Houston

Cake Pops

Individual pieces of cake placed on a lollipop stick or cake pops are a new trend for gender reveal parties. Instead of having one large single cake, these smaller and single offerings allow guests a bite of sweet without overwhelming them. Parents can choose from decorating half the pops in blue or a masculine themed decoration and the other in a more feminine style. Guests then have the choice of selecting either the boy or girl cake pops. This approach leaves them guessing as to the sex of the baby, until the parents decide to make the announcement.

Cup Cakes

Another individualized serving is the cupcake. Similarly to the cake pops these mini cakes can be decorated in a masculine or feminine themed design. At 3 Brothers Bakery we make a variety of different sized cupcakes. Parents can decide whether they want to have all of the cupcakes in a feminine theme thereby indicating to guests they’re expecting a girl; or doing half and half thus leaving their guests speculating. Unlike a cake, party guests can all participate in finding out the baby’s gender by taking a bite from their cupcake at the same time. The answer is in the filling.


Everyone loves a cookie especially a large, moist chocolate chip one and gender reveal parties are certainly a perfect opportunity to serve this homestyle sweet. One of the most recent trends is offering guests chocolate chip and any other flavored cookie with blue and pink sprinkles on the top. Parents can also choose a cookie filling of blue or pink. Whatever choice they make, the end result is still the same, surprise and joy for the impending arrival.

One Sweet, Two Sweet, Three Sweet, Four…..

Whether it is a traditional cake, cake pop, cupcake or cookie, the creative and unique ways to reveal the gender of a baby are varied. At 3 Brothers Bakery in Houston we delight in the chance to help a couple learn or reveal to their loved ones the gender of their new baby. This is a life changing moment and it marks the beginning of a tremendous journey. We are honored to be a part of it and take pride in the sweet creations we make for the occasion.