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Our Bobby was selected to be on Food Network Challenge: Extreme Pirate Cakes, which will air on September 4th at 7pm CST.  It has been quite a journey getting Bobby on the Food Network for the second time this year! We had heard of the opportunity from a bakery group we are in, and after some deliberation, I finally sent the producer a quick note and how about that?  She emailed me back!

We first wanted to make sure that if we were going to go through with this, we had a game plan set. One of the most important details was Bobby’s partner. The nature of the challenge required that Bobby work in a pair (you’ll see why this was so important later on!), and upon deliberation the name Dena Bryngleson (of Dena’s Sweetly Unique Cakes) came to mind. Dena had worked with us on the Boots and Coots cake. After we talked about it for a little while, we decided there was no one better suited to be Bobby’s partner than Dena. And fortunately for us, she accepted!

Boots and Coots Oil Derrick Cake with Fire by Three Brothers Bakery – Front View

Let us know what you think about Bobby’s audition video which we sent in with some photos of his work! (Link to YouTube Video is found at end of this post).

Oil Derrick and Fire-Breathing Dragon Cakes
Oil Derrick and Fire-Breathing Dragon Cakes by Three Brothers Bakery
Fire-Breathing Dragon by Three Brothers Bakery
Fire-Breathing Dragon by Three Brothers Bakery
Lifelike, Lifesize Turkey Cake by Three Brothers Bakery

On February 21st, I received an email that took me straight to Cloud 9:

February 21, 2011

“Congratulations on making Food Network Challenge: FOOD NETWORK CHALLENGE: EXTREME PIRATE CAKES!!”


How about that!!  Surely this was when all the fun would begin… or so we thought. If you’re familiar with Food Network Cake Challenge, you’re aware that all the cakes are really BIG. As such, we had a full van with everything we had to take to Denver for the filming.

Our items included:

●      30 full sheets of cake

●      160 pounds of buttercream icing

●      100 pounds of fondant

●      Two compressors and an air gun

●      Tips, icing bags, rolling pins, spatulas, decorating accessories, our plan books, timer, and on and on and on…

And keep in mind we had to bring double of everything for back-ups!

It was a miracle the wheels of the van held up with the weight of the supplies. Bobby and a friend of his, Albert, drove up to Denver and did a little sightseeing. Along the way, they stopped at a restaurant and the waitress asked them where they were from and where they were going. Bobby told her they were en route to Denver because they were going to be on a food show. The lady immediately got excited and said, “Oh my G-D, you’re going to be on Food Network?! You have to sign my door!” Apparently, she has all the “famous” people who visit her restaurant come and sign her door, but Bobby protested, “I’m not famous!” She made him sign the door anyway.  They had a great time at the Cimarron Heritage Center in Bose City, OK. A must see on a road trip through Oklahoma.

Bobby and Albert arrived in Denver Thursday night so they could be well rested for Bobby and Dena’s first meeting, which was scheduled for Friday at 10…. p.m.! Oy, what a late night! In case you’re wondering, we did not even leave the studio on Friday night until midnight!

Of course, no one sleeps, because you are afraid you won’t wake up, so then you are really tired and hope the adrenaline will keep you moving.  And luckily, the adrenaline was flowing.

Stay tuned for Part 2 (an exclusive interview with Bobby and Janice) to hear a first-hand account of the challenge itself!

More to come…..

Bobby Jucker Food Network Challenge Audition Video