On May 1st our family participated in the 10th March of Remembrance in conjunction with Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day.  The organization was created by descendants of Nazi, who are using the lessons of the Holocaust and terrible atrocities committed by their ancestors to make sure something as terrible will never happen again.  We must learn from our history to make peace in this world.

Bobby’s mother, Edith Jucker, told her story of survival publicly for the very first time, and it is a story unlike any other you have heard.  She and her mother were taken as political prisoners to a gulag in Siberia when Edith was not even 3 years old.

Here is the link to the entire program and Edith’s talk with an introduction by Bobby’s sister, Michelle, begins at 2:33.  Edith’s story takes about 23 minutes.  I highly recommend you watch this first time, live testimony given by Edith.  While we might be biased, I do think she did an amazing job of describing her plight, making us cry and making us laugh.

Again – the introduction and testimony begin at 2:33. Click on the image below for access.

Edith Jucker, Key Note Speaker – March of Remembrance, Houston TX – Click the photo to watch her testimony at 2:33

The Jewish Herald Voice published an article with a synopsis of the day.


Please post your feedback – we would love to share it with Edith.

Also, we would like to encourage everyone to learn more about the Holocaust Remembrance Association by visiting their website and visiting Holocaust Museum Houston  in order to learn more about this time in history and see why we must never forget, as genocides are still occurring in our world.

Edith, along with survivors Ruth Steinfeld, Bill Orlin and Monique Ritter and their descendents and other 2nd generation children of survivors participate in a candle lighting ceremony of remembrance.