March of Remembrance

May 17, 2022

On May 1st our family participated in the 10th March of Remembrance in conjunction with Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day.  The organization was created by descendants of Nazi, who are using the lessons of the Holocaust and terrible atrocities committed by their ancestors to make sure something as terrible will never happen again.  We must learn from our history to make peace in this world. Bobby’s mother, Edith Jucker, told her […]

Celebrating Freedom with Sigmund

July 2, 2014

Happy Fourth of July! Many of you may be celebrating with fireworks and cookouts, which of course would not be complete without some our buns, breads and treats, but don’t forget what this day is really about: celebrating the freedoms granted to us in our great country. While most of us have a general understanding of what freedom means, Sigmund, one of the original three brothers, knows firsthand that freedom does not come free. […]

Three Brothers Bakery Celebrates our 62nd Anniversary with Rye Bread

May 4, 2011

My father-in-law Sigmund Jucker, one of the Three Brothers and Holocaust survivor. Photo by Mark Seliger* As I write this blog post today, it is Yom Hashoah– more commonly known in America as Holocaust Remembrance Day. This day (and really, this week) are special to all of us at Three Brothers Bakery, for it is the time my father-in-law Sigmund thinks of as his birthday. Sigmund, his two brothers and […]