Celebrating A Bakery Empire!

Our story began in Europe (Chrzanow, Poland) around 1825 with the first bakery opening. Sadly, the family was sent to concentration camps in 1941 where they had to practice extreme courage and bravery until their freedom from the SS officers on May 8, 1945. The three brothers (Sigmund, Sol, and Max Jucker) along with their sister immigrated to Houston, Texas where they opened a bakery on Holman St. Mixers were still not invented yet and everything was 100% homemade from scratch. Our dear Sigmund recalled selling only $19 worth of product on opening day, which shows just how far the company has come over the years. In 1963, they hired their first employee and got a mixer! In 2000, Bobby became their 5th generation baker and took over the bakery, with his wife Janice joining him in 2005. Three Brothers bakery has now expanded into 3 different locations with a 4th brand new location on the way mid-summer at Tanglewood. 

On December 11, 2020, we sadly lost our last original three brother Sigmund. He was 98 years old. He truly created a bakery empire along with his brothers. I had the privilege of getting to know Sigmund when he would come to our Washington location for lunch. He always had a smile on his face and a warm heart. Just as we are in our 5th generation at Three Brothers Bakery, we have also watched several generations of families continue on the tradition of coming to the bakery with their own children and share those memories from childhood. As you can see, we are “Memory Makers Who Happen To Be Bakers”.

The Original 3 Brothers of Three Brothers Bakery, Sigmund, Sol & Max in Houston, TX

Fun Fact: Did you know we were one of the first bakeries in America with an online store?

The company has survived hurricanes, fires, floods, freezes, and even a world-wide pandemic! Despite all of this, they continued to pay their employees through it all. We have withstood EVERY storm…Literally! Three Brothers Bakery is always giving back to the local community through donations to help feed the homeless, raise money for Susan G. Komen, and most recently raising money to aid the war in Ukraine. Even though our small business has faced struggles, it has never stopped the company from reaching out and helping others in need. I am proud to be a part of a team that demonstrates so much kindness.

Three Brothers Bakery is an award-winning small business with 200 year old roots! Through perseverance among many trials and tribulations, we are pleased to be celebrating 73 years of business on May 8th! We will be offering a $.73 cookie special and free slices of cake all day on May 13th while supplies last at our Braeswood location! Come out and celebrate our new milestone with us! 

Sara Patterson