Traditionally April showers bring May flowers, but it also brings pecans-by the boat load especially at Three Brothers Bakery and in the Great State of Texas, as it is our national tree. According to the National Pecan Shellers Association, April is National Pecan Month. They’re encouraging everyone to, “think outside the pie” and look at this tree nut in a new and different way. For us at Three Brothers Bakery, we’re all for celebrating pecans in as many ways as we can. Luckily for us, there are many choices.

Pecan Pie & Variations

No southern dessert table would be complete without at least one pecan pie. Luckily our award-winning version voted “Best Mail-Order Pecan Pie America Has to Offer” by Country Living Magazine, is a staple  at all three of our locations.

Blackberry Pie

We start this traditional dessert with a crust made from scratch, which is actually the same dough we use to make our hamantaschen. Then we add a generous serving of southern pecans. They’re coated with our pie filling and naturally float to the top when baked. The result is a crunchy top and gooey center. For our customers who feel there can never be too many pecans we offer a deep dish version of this pie too.

 If you’re looking for a little change, we suggest our fudge pecan pie which is perfect for the chocolate lover. It is also available in a deep dish version.

Pecan Bar

If you’re a pecan pie lover but can’t eat a whole one by yourself (at least you’ll never admit to that in public), then why not order a few of our pecan bars? The combined sweet and salty of our pie is replicated in this mini version. Our bars start with a crispy cookie foundation followed by a layer of the nuts and topped with pecan syrup. They are dipped in warm chocolate then left to cool. Heaven in a bar! We dare you to eat just one.

Pecan Horns & Danishes

Shaped like a croissant, our pecan horns begin with our famous danish dough. It is filled with pecans and rolled in cinnamon sugar. They’re an excellent sweet with a cup of coffee or tea.

Our famous dough is also the basis for our chocolate and cinnamon pecan danishes. With the former version, the dough is rolled and coated in our chocolate schmear. Then it is twisted into the traditional danish shape and sprinkled with pecans. The latter danish is covered with our cinnamon schmear instead of chocolate, then twisted and sprinkled with pecans.

Whether you order only horns, chocolate, cinnamon, or a combination of all three we’re sure your pecan craving will be satisfied.


You can pack a few in a school lunch or have them as part of an afternoon snack, our drop cookies or Sandies are a wonderful way to enjoy the nutritional benefit of pecans with a little sweet. Starting with our well-loved traditional shortbread cookie, we add a helping of pecans and roll them in granulated sugar before they’re baked.

Our chocolate pecan drop cookies are filled with a dollop of chocolate and then trimmed with finely chopped pecan pieces. You put either of these cookies out on a plate for an afternoon snack and they’ll be gone before you turn around.

A Pecan for Every Taste

In honor of national pecan month, we can encourage all of our customers to try one of our sumptuous pecan offerings. Regardless if you choose a pecan bar, a Sandie, or a danish, you will not be disappointed. Follow the suggestion of the National Pecan Shellers Association and “think outside the pie” (though we’d never discourage a customer from ordering one of our pecan pies), these little tree nuts will not disappoint.