Last year, we tried something new to celebrate Pi Day – 3.14, or March 14 – a contest to win pecan pie. Anyone who recited 10 digits would win a slice of pecan pie, and those who could recite 25 digits (75 for 2017) won a whole pecan pie.

Well, little did we know, but so many smart school children were practicing for two whole weeks to learn all the digits of pi to get a free pie from us! We also had plenty of engineers come in who could easily run through 25 digits. It taught us a lesson – we have some very talented mathematical brains in Houston, and a lot of them love pie.

Three Brothers Bakery Pecan Pie

So now we have upped the ante for our 2017 edition of the Pi Day contest. There will be no more slices given away this year, only full pecan pies. To win one, participants must recite 75 digits of pi. It’s a little more challenging, but based on what we saw last year, it’s nothing that the smart fans of our bakery cannot handle.

Three Brothers Bakery Pi Day 2017

We hope to see you in the bakery on March 14, whether you have the sequence memorized or not. It’s going to be a fun day of interactive festivities for everyone at all our locations, and you won’t want to miss them!

If you complete it correctly, you’ll be presented with a certificate, and there will be photo opportunities with your pie.  Also, we learned our lesson last year when we ran out of pies.  This year, we’ll even have IOUs in case we underestimate how many smart folks live in our great city of Houston.

So we have now given you lots of time to start memorizing, and we’ll see you on Pi Day.

Have a sweet day and enjoy!