What comes to mind when you think of summer? Is it day trips to the beach? Late night ice cream adventures? Enjoying an outdoor fire at camp? Whatever you picture whenever you think of summer, we’re certain one experience stands out: eating S’mores.

S’mores were originally invented in 1927 by–you guessed it–the Girl Scouts! At first, they were called the “Some More”, eventually the tasty treat shifted to S’more and became a classic North American summertime treat!

We put our own Jewish spin on S’mores nearly three years ago when we introduced the S’mores Hamantaschen!

Hamantaschen are traditionally eaten during Purim, a Jewish festival celebrating the triumph of Esther over the evil Haman. Customers love our Hamantaschen, so we keep them in the showcase year-round!
Running short on marshmallows or want to avoid a smoky fire? Pick up a few S’mores Hamantaschen from any of our locations, and taste the quintessential summer sweet!