raspberry Hamantash

Purim 2017

March 6, 2017

Happy Purim! On the evening of Purim, Jews go to the synagogue, where the rabbi shares the story of Esther, who stood up to Haman and helped the Jewish people escape his tyranny. This commemoration leads into the Purim schpeil, a community play acting out the Megillah (story of Esther). Some of my favorite Purim memories include Harvey Gibb dressing up as Queen Esther – and, of course, the infamous […]

Blueberry Muffin

National Blueberry Month!

July 18, 2016

It’s getting to the end of the summer when back-to-school items start to replace poolside items at the store. But no reason to get down in the dumps – there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate! For one, July is National Blueberry Month! We promise these are not just made up holidays. The U.S. Department of Agriculture declared July to be the National Blueberry Month back in 2002 to […]

poppyseed hamantaschen

Purim and Hamantaschen

March 8, 2016

No matter when you come to visit Three Brothers Bakery, you may notice a plentiful selection of our Hamantaschen. These treats are a popular favorite here, but you may find it hard to believe that this is not the case nationwide. We are the very rare American bakery that carries them all year long! Most people only enjoy Hamantaschen around this time of year to celebrate the Jewish holiday of […]

Hamantaschen Please

February 21, 2013

Hamantaschen are a traditional part of the Jewish holiday, Purim. For those of you who don’t know, Purim is a celebration that commemorates the escape of the Jews from Haman, the Grand Vizier of Persia in the Biblical book of Esther. Purim begins at sundown February 23rd and ends at nightfall February 24th.Wondering why we eat hamantaschen on Purim? Check out this blog post for all the answers! Purim is […]

Hamantaschen Baked in Texas Are Not Just for Purim Anymore

March 7, 2012

Could Hamantaschen be going mainstream? According to Bobby Jucker, 5th generation baker and co-owner of Three Brothers Bakery, “Based on our daily sales, I believe the Hamantaschen will take on a life similar to the bagel or ruggelach. In 2011 we sold approximately 35,000.” Hamantaschen, a triangle shaped cookie filled with usually poppy, prune or apricot, and sold in most places only during the Jewish holiday of Purim are found daily at Three Brothers Bakery in none other than Houston, Texas.

The Story Behind Hamantaschen and Why We Eat Them on Purim

March 15, 2011

ytThe season of Purim is a very special one to Three Brothers Bakery. Purim is a holiday that celebrates the deliverance of the Jewish people from Haman the Agagite. Jews and Christians alike may be familiar with the Megillah (the story of Esther), but we decided to share one portion of our culture with you, our extended family, by telling you all about the story behind hamantaschen. What are Hamantaschen? […]